We help you understand the landscape, your audience, and the platforms relevant to you. We analyze the data and competitors to create a disruptive yet sound plan.

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To overcome shortening user attention spans we consistently deliver digital solutions that are aesthetically striking and value-adding.

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Position your brand to the right audience at the right time. Consistent, quality content ensures you make the maximum impact.

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Investing in creativity is always a smart decision. Our world-class team provides complex brands with multiplatform advertising campaigns, using the power of digital to increase business value.

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We position your brand where it needs to be – front and center. Whatever the platform, you will be part of the conversation.

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Smart and professional communication adds further meaning and value to your brand. Trust is earned – it cannot be bought.

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We are problem-solvers that deliver bold and dynamic communications solutions worldwide.

We embrace challenges, take calculated risks, and act courageously – that’s what makes a Bonnie.

With locations in Europe and the United States, Annie Bonnie develops and executes strategies across 20 countries.

We are focused and ambitious. We partner with multinationals and corporations, delivering cutting-edge advisory, creativity, advertising, and communication services with a digital perspective.

We build meaningful and long-term relationships beyond contracts. We’re committed to excellence and complete transparency, in the interest of doing what is best for our clients.

Say hello to a flexible agency

We accompany our clients along every step of the way. We learn together, we win together.

We solve problems. We don’t create more. We examine how our clients’ communication and marketing departments can make their operations stand out.

We behave as a flexible, proactive and adaptable partner, a partner that provides real, tangible value.

This is what allows us to build genuine, long-term relationships.

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