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Social Media

Like. Dislike.

More than a language

New social platforms allow us to know, especially through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, if an advertising campaign will work. Yes, as is.

The possibilities of audience segmentation, timing, tribe by platform and the fast reaction mean that social media are unique test tools.

But of course, there’s more. Much more. Social media is an excellent vehicle for messages, an interesting Customer Service (SCSX) exposed and evaluated by potential customers. Social media also provide insight on trends, habits, ways of life, what people like and what they dislike. Thanks to social media we can find answers and get feedback.

You can instantly detect who is screaming for a new car through a tweet, and who will never buy one and why, but is dying for a new smartphone.

Whatever the size of the brand and issues, we have the solution, processes and the required experience.





Community Management

Senior management. Communicating to Society is no joke.

Crisis Management

Our professionals are available 24/7. Always connected.

Engaging Influencers

We treat them as we would have them treat us.

Measurement & Monitoring

An Excel behind every content.

Social Media Strategy Development & Execution

It is relatively easy to design a social media strategy. The challenge is finding people who can execute that awesome Power Point presentation.

Social Content Creation

Timing, knowledge and creativity. Barely scientific.

Social Media Sale

A communication tool becomes sales artillery. And works like crazy.

Social Advertising

Working organically? Turbo boost right away!

Social Media Consulting

And counseling training for senior managers.

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